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PCI I/O Controller

PCI-Express Serial ATA II Controller Card (1-Ext, 1-Int. Ports)

Product Info

• High Speed USB 2.0 2+1 Ports
• Using VIA (VT6202) PCI to USB 2.0 Host Controller chip
• 2x External Ports, 1x Internal Port
• Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0
• Compliant with Universal Host Controller Interface Specification for USB Rev 1.1
• Compliant with Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification for USB Rev 0.95
• 32-bit 33MHz Host Interface compliant to PCI Specification release 2.2
• Support PCI-Bus Power Management Interface Specification release 1.1
• PCI bus-master access
• PCI multi-function device consists of two UHCI Host Controller cores for Full-Speed / 
Low-Speed signaling and one EHCI Host Controller core for High-Speed signaling.
• All downstream forcing ports can handle High-Speed (480Mbps), Full-Speed (12Mbps),
  and Low-Speed (1.5Mbps) transaction
• Full support of real time dynamic insertion and removal of devices
• Supports all USB-compliant peripherals (e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor, joystick, etc.)
• Driver support for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP & Vista operating system

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  • USB 2.0 card, CD Driver, and User manual.

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